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Listbox not updating

The value of the variable is an array to be displayed inside the widget; if the variable value changes then the widget will automatically update itself to reflect the new value.

Attempts to assign a variable with an invalid list value to -listvariable will cause an error.

This can be done by manually typing the items or by using Define Tables, see List, List All, List All Conditional, List All Conditional Distinct and List All Distinct.

Specifies the style in which to draw the active element.

If last isn't specified it defaults to first, i.e. If last is omitted, returns the contents of the listbox element indicated by first, or an empty string if first refers to a non-existent element.

The widget also inherits all the methods provided by the generic Tk:: Widget class.Both first and last may have any of the standard forms for indices.Query or modify the configuration options of an item in the listbox. ); -background -borderwidth -cursor -disabledforeground -exportselection -font -foreground -height -highlightbackground -highlightcolor -highlightthickness -offset -relief -selectbackground -selectborderwidth -selectforeground -setgrid -state -takefocus -tile -width -xscrollcommand -yscrollcommand See Tk::options for details of the standard options.This must be one of dotbox (show a focus ring around the active element), none (no special indication of active element) or underline (underline the active element). The following is only partially implemented in Perl/Tk: Specifies the reference of a variable.

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